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Not drowning, waving. (O-chem midterm today; Bio midterm last week. I have been remarkably out of patience with labs in Bio recently, which have been all dissection all the time, but today -- fetal pigs -- was a bit more interesting.)

Did Iron Pentacle as a weekend intensive with elflet last weekend. It did indeed kick my ass, as advertised (though it would have been even more serious had we not done some of those exercises as part of the Baba Yaga apprenticeship.) Have added a couple steps to daily practice as a result. Some interesting self-revelation has already appeared as a result, but I am not ready to share in public yet.

Spent some time with the mares tonight before I came up the hill. Petit Point is bagged up (! -- she's due mid-April) and shedding up a storm. Capucine would as soon I went to hell and didn't come back. Recap is unspeakably adorable, needs some more calories (not badly, she's still catching up from a month of underfeeding when she was off-site).

House cold.

Me sleepy.


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