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well, that's a first

Headed up to the coffeehouse / wine bar in Benicia that I usually haunt on Friday nights (blame the free wireless access, even though I'm the only person I've ever seen using it). Strike one: they had a live band tonight, which drives the sound level from tolerable to insane. Strike two: the only pair of comfy chairs in the place were already occupied, so I perched close to the bar. Strike three: there was a guy sitting at the bar (waiting for someone, as it turned out) who wanted badly to strike up a conversation with me, to the point of offering to buy me a beer. His bad luck that I come to this place so that I can .not. talk to people (unlike work, school, etc).

I need a t-shirt with a slogan. Maybe "Flaming Introvert" would do it.

The band's just wrapped for the night. It's .still. insanely loud out.

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