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hay follies

The hay dealer has struck again. This time, instead of delivering it to Palisades' paddock, he put it just outside the paddock. In my driveway. Behind my trailer. That's right, I can take the trailer out once, but I can't put it back in until the hay is gone. Four and a half tons of it. How long does it take one Davenport stallion to eat 4.5 tons of oat hay?

Still, this is better than the last time, when he misdelivered Palisades' hay to the little barn at the BOTTOM of the hill. (What is it with California and 3-string bales? At about 120# each, I can barely lift 'em. Hauling them up this hill is right out.) I can just heave one over the fence, right? Wrong. I missed and broke off a (admittedly already rotting) fence post.

But I am nothing if not inventive, so I turned off the electric fence and shoved it through the ropes (which have springs on one end). Said ropes are also holding the fence post in place, and the fence is back on, so all is well so far, and Palisades is eating happily.

Anyway, called the hay dealer this morning and jokingly requested he teach me to drive his hay squeeze so I can move it MYSELF. Understand, the man lives literally around the corner from me. If I had a good arm, I could hit his barn with a rock from my place. Last time it took something like 2 weeks of my calling daily for him to 'get around' to putting P's hay in the right place, and I was only doing the daily calls because I was desperate (and tired of moving hay one bale at a time in the back of the car!)

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