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and the king doesn't like to wait

Foolishly tried to go to sleep last night (at midnight, second foolish thing) without closing the windows and turning on the heat. I finally admitted defeat a sleepless hour and a half later, about the point I noticed I was shivering. It was 53F in the house, and I had to make a cup of tea to thaw out before going back to bed.

So, not very much sleep, and the morning blown by having to drive into Stockton to pick up Ned (who had seven extractions yesterday) and listen to all the post-op instructions, then drive back to the house and drop him off before heading into work. I realized something about that vet hospital: it isn't just the bedside manner of the vet I use that I object to (despite liking her very much as a person); the entire HOSPITAL operates on this sugary-sweet vibe that I find maddening. Using 'we' and 'our' to refer to the animal ('our blood results were just great'),and the kind of high-pitched voice one adopts just before embarking upon a flow of baby talk -- ugh.

Note to self: volunteering there might be a bad idea, no matter how much you need the hours.

And he has loads of meds he should be getting twice a day, and won't. Although, on the cheerful side, they gave him a nice soft squashy tasty breakfast this morning, and he refused to touch it, but once he got home, he dove into the dry Innova. He was clearly chewing carefully, but I felt better about leaving him at home knowing I was going to be in the BA tonight. elflet got Wingding tickets by standing out in the rain for a half hour yesterday, dedicated creature that he is, but I may be too exhausted to go. :-( And on a whim I sprang for Cavalia tickets, and Anita and I are going on Saturday. Very much looking forward to that.

But right now I am so tired that I have propped myself up with caffeine, which feels a lot like sinking a big steel hook behind my spine between my shoulder blades and dangling from it. Everything else is limp and not particularly coordinated.

Did succeed in persuading HP that they need to replace the controller in our tape robot, so perhaps the afternoon spent on the phone need not be totally wasted.

Petit Point, now in Morgan Hill, is still as big as the proverbial house. Capucine is still not pregnant. She is a very interesting mare -- I have had a couple separate grooming sessions with her now that she is up in Davis. She is extremely thin-skinned and sensitive, complaining about touch on her belly and flanks, but she loves having her muzzle brushed with the same brush -- leans into it and makes faces. Got to ride that horse before either of us gets too much older.

Fantabulous Equinox ritual -- turned out to be a half-dozen people at my house, and it was extremely low on the ceremonial content and high on Younger Self material. Liked it. Needed it.

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