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waiting for the big one

So, would someone please explain to me how I can go from enjoying a leisurely week of only going to Biology, to suddenly being behind in both Bio and O-Chem? In 24 hours? Man, that was fast. Did you get the license number of that truck? (Bio midterm next Tuesday. Gwack!)

Went with Anita to see Cavalia on Saturday, which was much more fun than Cheval. Its run in SF has closed, but they're heading to LA next, and then either San Diego or Seattle after that. If they're in your area, and you like to look at pretty horses, go. If you like Cirque du Soleil-style circus and acrobatics set to original live music, you also should go. Hell, just go.

I must admit my favorite moment was an unplanned one. Picture three roman riders (each standing on the backs of a pair of galloping horses). Now picture two alongside, with one rider handing his reins to the other and then jumping off. So this woman is effectively driving a four-in-hand while standing on the backs of the rear pair. Now they start going over jumps! V. impressive, but still planned. Now, while this has been going on, various banners have been juggled back and forth between the riders and a troupe of acrobats on the ground. But wait, oops, someone dropped one, and there is a 2' long cream swathe of fabric on the ground... right in front of the setup for the last jump.

The fore pair shied, predictably, but the rider got all four of them over the jump ANYWAY. She was still standing. That was quite something.

I am now not sorry to have dropped the additional Biology class (not the semester one currently in progress, the one which would have met Monday-Wednesday nights). It's hard to appreciate sanity, but I have a definite sense of its presence right now, even if I am tired enough to fall asleep at my desk.

Oh, down six lbs since last I checked.

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