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April 16th, 2004
12:29 am


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oh, the irony
So I have been lugging around the folder with the 2003 tax papers in it, waiting for a good time to finish up Turbotax. A couple days ago, I went all proactive and mailed out an extension form for Federal taxes. Cool. Well, I dove in last night and... discovered I needed a whole lot of numbers from my 2002 tax papers. Which were at home. And I, due to the vagaries of pregnant mares, was not.

Well, now I am at home. I pulled the 2002 file... and the car file, where I always file the DMV statements... and the mortgage file, because the 1098-equivalent from the former mortgage co was in there (where it didn't actually belong) instead of in the taxes file.

Yay, pull it all together, start it filing electronically... and I don't have the required CSN (PIN, for all practical purposes) to file CA taxes electronically, presumably because I filed my 2002 taxes so late. You can get it by calling a number, though. So I call the number. The number redirects me to a web site. I check the web site. They want my SSN, my last name, and my 2002 tax due. No sweat. Wrong. Try another number. Wrong. Try a third number. Wrong again.

Did I mention the printer at the house is not working? Delete it. Re-add it. Still doesn't work. Forget it.

Fine. I filed Federal electronically, which has a trivial amount of money due, and set up for them to extract the first quarter 2004 estimated payment, which was the real concern. But I cannot file CA, which had a significant refund coming (slaps forehead), and I similarly will slip the deadline for paying CA 2004 first quarter estimated. Nor can I print out an extension form.

Going to bed now. Still not king.

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Date:April 16th, 2004 09:30 am (UTC)

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