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one more time so I can see your face

So I had this item on my to-do list: Write down vision of ideal future.

I started it. I got stuck. And stuck and stuck and stuck. Over a period of weeks.

Finally sat down with the notebook tonight and reread my notes. There isn't just one ideal future, I thought crankily. Why do I have to pick one and call it ideal?

Then I leapt at the list with my metaphorical blue pencil: Write down vision of an ideal future. And behold, the ideas gushed forth. (Not sure whether I'll post the results or not.)

Spent this past weekend learning first level Reiki. Thumbnail description: a system for healing by laying on of hands. (I now imagine the professional skeptics in the audience deciding I've gone bats, and everyone else saying "buh?" Oh, well.) Practicing daily. Still not used to my hands heating up so dramatically.

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