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how she does it

My driveway unaccountably has concrete curbs on the edges. Due to the previously described hay follies, I couldn't pull the trailer through the usual way last time I used it. So I had to back it uphill and around a curve, and I managed to drop a wheel over the curb and get it wedged between the curb and a fucking huge landscape boulder. Couldn't go back, couldn't go forward. First, my neighbor came up with his chainsaw and kindly removed some dead tree that was in the way of the proceedings. The guy with the truck first winched the boulder out of the way (yay!), then unhitched the trailer and yanked it out with his truck (mine wasn't up to the job, no 4-wheel drive). Then I got to hitch up and turn it around. Feh!

So after all the fandango, I got down to Morgan Hill to find Reyes had a slightly runny nose and would best be left in situ for a week. I could have done with finding this out without making a 5-hour round trip, I tell you. Left the trailer there so I don't have to go through this again. Am fairly certain it is not possible to die of humiliation, but would rather not get the trailer stuck again and find out.

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