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Ask and answer

This is one of those perks of running that I could generally do without.

From: <censored-for-their-protection>
Subject: Interview for school: please answer these questions ASAP!
Date: May 26, 2004 8:08:39 PM PDT


1. Can cats see in color?

2. How can you tell if cats are pregnant?

3. How do cats get pregnant?

4. Are cats smarter than dogs?

5. Why do cats purr?

6. Why do cats "meow"?

7. Are cats faster than dogs?

8. Why do cats prefer milk to water?

9. Can cats be leash-trained?

10. Do cats loose teath?

11. Why do cats like to eat grass?

12. Can cats get a common cold?

13. Can cats get lice?

14. Can cats sense danger?

15. Can they see in the dark?


Please answer these questions ASAP.

Thank you!

My response:

I'm sorry, but you have to do your own homework. I already have plenty of my own.


Jean Marie Diaz

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